It's official; I'm a skyline artist!

My Lightbirds (sun and video reflections on optical mirror ) will be flying across the San Francisco skyline this April as part of the Sales Force Tower Art curation.



You are invited to follow the behind-the-scenes video reels we are testing on the Sales Force Tower Art Screen. Are you ready to watch an ambient migration of Lightbirds fly across the San Francisco skyline in April?

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Scientists have discovered that when birds fly in murmuration (tight formation), they often organize into groups of seven birds to escape predation. These seven birds have magnetic energy between them; that is how they connect to the next seven. In scientific studies of this magnetic field, the basic shape is a V form. The leader is the point of the V and drops back when tired, and another bird takes their place as they fly.

This is a beautiful theme for this series of Lightbirds.Magnetic energy equals attuning to collective action. This innate sense leads to finding and organizing with thosewe are attuned to, and we take turns leading and dropping back to rest. This small group system is necessary to shift the power structure of our environment.

Light bird mirror projections that move with the arc of the sun.

Outdoor Installations Sunbirds fly with sun reflections on an optical mirror; when the sun sets, video reflections send the lightbirds on a nighttime migration.
Interior Installations: Sunbirds Arise, Appear, and Dissolve with the Movement of the Sun in Architectural Space. You can install them in different areas of your building, so they fly with the sun throughout the day. They can also be lit with electric lighting at night.

Listen to the story of the Sunbirds flying with the arc of the sun, guest lecture at Leonardo Art and Science Rendezvous, January 18, 2023