Crossing Signal Mandala

Crossing Signal Mandala
Layered acetate, vellum, mylar, paper on board
48” h x 48” w x 1.50” variable, August, 2012

The imagery in CSM is made up of the icons that govern our movement, like streetlights and crossing signals, and systematizes them into a mandala. Mandalas are meant as two-dimensional representations of a three-dimensional environment.

The intrinsic beauty of these mundane signals captivated me while videotaping the activity at a busy intersection in Emeryville, CA. The documentation was in preparation for a public art project designed for a new building that will be located at the intersection called Parkside Archstone. The most compelling images from the video documentation were of the pedestrian crossing signals and street lights. The images used in these 50 panels are layered iterations developed from the video.

The pedestrian crossing icons make up the mandala in the following system:

Green Light Wind North Summer
Walk man Water East Winter
Yellow Light Earth South Autumn
Red Light/hand Fire West Spring
Snowman Air Center Sky



• December 8, 2015

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