Crossing Signal Mosaic Programming Grid

“Crossing Signal Mosaic uses a combination of programs to play a light symphony inspired by crossing signal imagery. The textile like patterns shown in this programming grid are similar to the way a musical score is a guide to musicians for what to play. In this case, rather than notes the individual colored blocks guide the play of light. These programs are designed to trigger DMX controls to play RGB LEDs (a mix of red, green, and blue light). These color changing LEDs illuminate the sculpture with a variety of slow rhythms and counterpoint an in a light symphony.

42" x 48" programming grid for Crossing Signal Mosaic
Thérèse Lahaie, “Crossing Signal Mosaic, Programming Grid“, Digital Print 48” x 48” 2015
City of Emeryville Art in Public Places Program, Parc on Powell, 1333 Powell Street, Emeryville, CA
Crossing Signal Mosaic plays daily from sunset to midnight and every hour on the hour from 7 AM – 3 PM

Light Symphony

I worked with musician Laurie Polster, to help compose a light symphony for the sculpture. The different characters in the sculpture relate to and are also a counterpoint to the adjacent crossing signals icons at the intersection of Hollis and Powell Street. The light box imagery relates to the bursts of the yellow, red and green street lights, the crossing men, snow men (over exposed crossing men, stop hands and countdown timers were each assigned rhythms like instruments in a light symphony. Many short programs similar to what you see here were prepared that we can combine them for a variety of movements in the light symphony.

Creation of Eve

Since the public art work is a ceiling mounted application made up of a series of frames I couldn’t resist using some themes from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel – The giant hands energize each other from either side of public and private space like the God and Adam in the Sistine chapel except in this version I used the color pallet from the “Creation of Eve” I matched of Gods pink robes and Eves blonde hair and flesh tones and well as the landscape pale blues and greens.

Programming grid section "Creation of Eve"

• December 8, 2015

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