Longing for the Background

In “Longing for the Background,” light, both reflective and transmitted, is used to disclose qualities of ordinary materials like mirror, bubbly (seedy) glass and even plastic cups. A close investigation of the nature of these ordinary materials is revealed in a convergence of sculptural and photographic works that establish a metaphorical system of navigation in the gallery.

This system of navigation begins with the placement of two kinetic wall works where the mirror’s reflected surface has been partially rubbed away revealing an intermingling of reflection and transparency. Two slowly rotating vertical and horizontal mirrors cast light reflections on the wall establishing longitudinal and latitudinal lines that encompass the space. Sending and receiving in a reciprocal process, the image is revealed in fragmentary reflections offering moments of of shifting perceptions to each viewer.

In the wall installation “Quiet Two Departure” the glass “wings” of this sculpture are imbedded in the wall, set on a diagonal inspired by the flight path pilots follow while traveling the distance from San Francisco International Airport to Sacramento, CA. Rebas, Sassu, Sawna and Sasly are references to the radio beacons emitting signals along the route. The reflected and transmitted light cast from these elliptical panels of textured seedy glass cast wing like images.

A non-camera based process of exposing the the intricate forms inside the air bubbles of  seedy glass revealed a cosmic reference to photons: packets of light moving from the core of the sun into Earth’s atmosphere, and a luminous reminder of a description in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying of a windy world called the Bardo, an intermediary place where beings go in between death and the next life.

• December 6, 2015

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