Tea Cup

Polished mirror, steel, low RPM motors
10” h x 71” w x 8” d, 2007

Commissioning Agency: California State University, Sacramento, CA

Description: My installation titled “Kinetic Tea House” involved kinetic sculptural responses to the recently opened Sokiku Nakatani Tea Room in the same building.  The “Tea Cups” are elliptical mirrors, slowly rotating and casting ovals of serene, reflected light that cycle across the space to the viewer and return to their source. They embody the most important part of tea ceremony, which is “giving good heart,” or expressing hospitality to one’s guests. By rubbing away the gray paint from the back of the mirrors, a layer of paint the color of red clay is revealed, a reference to the ceramic tea cups in the Nakatani Tea Room.

• December 7, 2015

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