Lightbird Migration

Photo by @jjamesjoiner

Sunrise at dusk, detail, video projection, 30’ h x 40’ w
the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, Gallery One, Napa, CA
Nightly dusk to midnight, Summer 24

Visit The di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art for more details. 

Photo by @liviasteinart

The last of the sun's rays mirror reflection on a di Rosa Center building.

Photo by @jjamesjoiner
courtesy di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art.t 4.18.24

The remarkable Ian (I-an) Winters demonstrates how two different videos
can be projected on two mirrors from one projector.

The test location is The Milk Bar, an experimental video and performance space
in Richmond, CA. 3.24

Suns Choreography,  May 2, 2024,
7:11 AM - 9:30 AM, (21 sec. timelapse)
Multiple mirror reflections fly with the arc of the sun.


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