March 24th, 2024, was the first day since October 2023 that the Eastern sunlight illuminated my studio. There is no direct sunlight in fall and winter. I get busy as the sun's arc moves through the studio, the formed oval mirrors are placed in its path, and the Lightbirdspring migration begins!

Above: The studies began with oval mirrors and stencils of bird wings animated with sunlight and a fan. Common Murres combine both birds and fish, and they paddle furiously diving for food, depleted by warming oceans.


Jim Campbell, the artist, engineer, and curator for the Salesforce Tower, invited me back this year to fly Lightbirds. The Lightbirds series is made of light reflected from mirrors. Lightbird reflections fly with sunlight during the day and, after sunset, fly with video projections for a nighttime migration.

Birds bring the good news of light and the renewal of spring. I’ve been asked to fly the Lightbirds for peace. As they soar with 80-foot wingspans, we feel their power to uplift and inspire.  

The Salesforce Tower Flight of the Lightbirds is from 8 PM to 1 AM on March 26th and 27th,
so remember to look up!

FREE Watch Party: Lightbirds soaring to the Salesforce Tower for the Spring Migration of birds.

Where: 275 Steuart Street, San Francisco, corner of Embarcadero and Howard.

When: March 26th,  7:30 - 9:30 PM

Why: San Francisco is part of the Pacific Flyway, where over 200 species of birds migrate, and to honor the many birds we have lost to warming oceans and other factors. And birds always bring good news!

Who: Light installation Artist Therese Lahaie, with generous support from Off The Grid and  The East Cut organization for securing an ideal location for the community to gather and watch the Lightbirds soar (with 80' wing spans) 

Ghost in the Machine  - Curated by Twyla Ruby

September 8, 2023 — August 25, 2024

DiRosa Center for Contemporary Art

Working in the shadow of Silicon Valley at the close of the 20th century, Bay Area artists experimented with electronics, computing, and robotics to create artworks that prefigure our contemporary obsession with sentient machines.

Revered Bay Area artists Sonya Rapoport, Bruce Cannon, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Alan Rath & Stephanie Syjuco, and artists nationally.

Breathing Lesson Large Ellipse, 2000, 24"h x 24"w x 6.5" d, slumped glass, silk organza, paintbrush, motor.

Glass is used as a reflective and transmissive canvas; the shadows cast by the textured glass on the fabric scrim expand and contract.

The Lightbirds are migrating to the DiRosa Center for Contemporary Art's new outdoor projection program. Opens May 2024

Cloudbirds: A video projection of clouds reflected from a formed mirror. 4’ h x 15’w wingspan. Cloudbirds intermingle and soar with  200 birds that migrate, making nests by the Dirosa Center pond and land.

The artist enjoying the sunset at DiRosa Center for Contemporary Art, Mar 24, 2024
Thank you, Twyla Ruby, for the tour of Ghost in the Machine. Photo: Rick Freeberg

Lightbirds Soar to Top 20 San Francisco Public Art Projects

CODAmagazine celebrates the public response to the scale, translucent colors,
and flight patterns of Salesforce Tower Lightbirds! (The magazine publisher CODAworx is an international hub for commissioned artwork.)

CODAsummit ART, TECHNOLOGY, & PLACE Conference

San Jose, CA. October 4-6, 2023 

Jim Campbell had an early solo show 20 years ago at the San Jose Museum of Art. I was there, and his work was a revelation for me. Returning to San Jose and on stage with Jim and fellow skyline artists is a thrill.

On October 5th, our artist panel, Curating the Uncuratable, will address the curatorial considerations for this skyline screen, how the tower display works, and the challenges of designing imagery for it.

Emeryville Celebration of the Arts

October 7-29, 2023

Join me at the gala opening night on Friday, October 6, 6 – 9 p.m.

Our opening night benefits the youth art program!
Open 11 am - 6 pm, Wednesdays. - Sundays

Public Market Emeryville, 5905 Shellmound Street, Emeryville, CA

Jurors and Curatorial Statement

Kinship with Birds in Flight and Plight

October 15, 2023 - January 31, 2023

WEAD - Women Eco Artist Dialog  

At a time when birds around the world are facing challenges,WEAD invites artists to come forth with work
that celebrates conservation successes or signals the need for urgent interventions.

Juror: Jane Kim  

Tinged: Eastern sun, hand-formed convex mirror reflection on the Western wall.
6.18.22_7:24AM  Timelapse.

Lightbirds that fly with the orbiting of the earth around the sun

The City of Emeryville Visual Arts Grant

Join us in completing another captivating art installation. We are the Lightbird Project, dedicated to enlivening public and private spaces with mesmerizing Lightbird installations that connect us to nature and raise awareness about the impact of warming oceans on seabirds in Northern California.

Imagine the awe-inspiring sight of a sun-powered Lightbird with a 40-foot wingspan flying on a 200-foot wall in our Emeryville neighborhood. Thanks to a City of Emeryville Visual Arts grant, we have progressed toward our mission.

A 2022 -23 City of Emeryville Visual Arts Grant pairs local property owners, and artists will provide funds to install a Lightbird installation on an architectural scale. In the proposed project, a convex oval mirror 36" w x 24" mounted on the south side of one building and will reflect a Lightbird across the street on a 28’ x 200’ wall.

On average, the Bay Area has 291 sunny days each year, and the Lightbird flight will fly with the changing azimuth of the sun and weather conditions.

Existing plan and elevation view images


The City of Emeryville Visual Arts Grant Update 2023 -24

The City of Emeryville Visual Arts Grant pairs local property owners and artists to provide funds to install an unexpected Lightbat installation on an architectural scale. Watch our first test of a sun-powered Lightbat with a 30’ wing span; its reflection flies across a 200’ sky canvas wall across the street! 

24” x 36” convex-formed mirror reflects the sun as a Lightbat flying its building wall sky canvas. The building that the mirror will be mounted to is on the left, and it reflects the Lightbird on the building across the street that flies with the arc of the sun, for the next during the 299 sunny days predicted for the following year

We need your support to complete the project. The grant provided seed money for our first exterior permanent installation, but we still require an additional $15,000 to cove the costs of fabricating and installing a permanent large-scale project.

Your contribution will help create a stunning visual experience that invites our urban community to look up from their cell phones and smile. Your donation, no matter the size, will make a difference.

To donate and become a part of the Lightbird Project, please visit our website or contact us directly. 
Thank you for your support!

Please use the donate button below to make your tax-deductible contribution to this project or contact;
Thérèse Lahaie, at

You can make a tax-deductible donation via paypal here.

If you prefer to contribute by cash, credit card or check, please contact Thérèse Lahaie,

Emeryville Lightbird video mockup of Lightbird mirror projection of proposed project. The Lightbird project was cheered on by dozens of residents watching from their windows, pedestrians, motorists, and security guards. while testing the mock up included: We love it! When will the birds be back? They are beautiful and ephemeral! Where is the bird coming from? It's SO COOL! Keep flying! Look at that giant bird! Will there be a flock? Please
keep the birds flying!

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