Photograms are photographic images made without a camera.  
Sheets of glass and other objects are placed directly onto the surface
of photosensitive paper or film and then exposed to light.

Photonic Seed Positive Negative
Photonic Seed Positive Negative
Digital Pigment Print, 26” x 40”, 2002, edition of 6

A result of experimentation in the darkroom during a fellowship at the Kala Institute in Berkeley, California, these works offer a new visual cosmology by combining light with the transparent, textured architectural glass that is used in my sculptures.

The photograms, which expose glass to the light, transform invisible worlds into visible ones.
Intricate landscapes and strange homunculi (tiny human beings) are revealed inside the air bubbles of the glass.
Enlargement of the images inside the glass bubbles extended the cosmic fields being referenced by means of photons: packets of light that move from the core of the sun into the Earth's atmosphere.

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