In the 'Nocturne' sculptures, light is projected through the glass onto a slowly moving scrim, casting shadows that expand and contract. The name derives from J. M Whistler's dusk-time paintings. Mesmerized by Whistler's landscapes at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, MA, the artist responds with a contemporary restatement of the poetic atmosphere with sculpted planes of muted color, slow and repeating movements, and shifting shadows and reflections.

Conceptual rendering of Pale Blue Nocturne on an architectural scale
Pale Blue Nocturne,
5’ h x 7’ w x 12” d,
architectural glass, stainless steel, vinyl membrane, motor, Delrin

Pale Blue Nocturne

Cassini’s Nocturne in Silverblue  Cassini Nocturne references the 17th Century French philosopher who discovered
why the sun looks flat when it is on the horizon.

Vajra Nocturne
glass/metal/mixed media
22 X 30 X 7 inches

Vajra Ocean Nocturne
glass, LEDs, stainless steel, scoured mirror, vinyl membrane, Delrin motor
18 X 32 X 6.25 inches

Nocturne in Blue and Green
laminated glass, aluminum, Delrin, vinyl membrane, low RPM motors
42” h x 47” w x 7.5” d, 2008

Commissioning Agency: TMG Partners, permanent installation TMG Partners Property San Jose.

Nocturne Triptych in Blues and Golds
glass, vinyl membrane, low RPM motor
21.25” h x 123” w x 6.5” d, 2007

New York Times Art Critic, Benjamin Genocchio said:
“The combination of motor, glass and light creates the illusion of waves
ebbing and the flowing of an ocean tide… the visual effects are beautiful and even hypnotic.”

Silver Gray Nocturne Triptych
stainless steel, aluminum, Delrin, acrylic, stretch fabric, low RPM motor,
water and seedy glass
21″h x 93.5 “w x 6.25″d, 2005
Corning Museum of Glass Contemporary Collection

Nocturne Squall
glass, vinyl membrane, LEDs, low RPM motor
13.25″h x 30 “w x 6.25″d

Transparent Nocturne
tempered glass, aluminum, remote motorized light unit
38” h x 53” w x 7” d, 2011

Olive Nocturne
glass, vinyl membrane, steel, low RPM motor
22” h x 40” w x 7” d, 2008

Commission: Olive 8 – Hyatt Hotel, Seattle, WA, 2008
Description: In the “Nocturne” series, light is projected through glass onto slowly moving scrims, casting shadows that expand and contract. In this sculpture, gray and gold glass is layered to create a third color, olive green.